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We take great pride in the size and diversity of our impressive fleet. No matter what occasion you may need our services for, we are sure to have an answer for it. Whether you need a comprehensive and professional black care service for a corporate event or airport car service, or if you're looking to enjoy a night out or through a party with a larger, luxurious vehicle, then we are sure to have an answer for your needs! We go to great lengths to preserve the high quality of our vehicles by employing round-the-cock mechanics, and all of our vehicles are driven by seasoned and professional chauffeurs who are personable and all very reasonable people. Take a look below to see a comprehensive list of all of the excellent vehicles in our fleet.

4 Passengers Cadillac XTS Sedan

One of our most popular options is the Cadillac XTS Sedan. We take great pride in the amount of effort and care that goes into keeping them in pristine and elegant condition. This is an ideal option for anyone requiring a black car service or needing transportation for an executive event. If you need to find a form of transportation for a corporate event or simply need a way back from or to the airport and want to avoid terrible traffic issues then this is absolutely the option for you that will suit you best. This way you don't have to sit in the back of an inelegant taxi cab or pack into a bus or a train, and can enjoy the latest news, a friendly chat with your guests, and sip on some ice cold water as our professional chauffeur gets you to where you need to go in an efficient fashion.

6 Passenger Cadillac Escalade

Perhaps you require a prestigious looking vehicle for a corporate event or airport transportation services that is a little bit bigger. Well, with the immaculate and functional Cadillac Escalade, we've got you covered! We use just about brand new Escalades to ensure that you are traveling with class and sophistication. Our Escalade are immaculately maintained, fully utilizing our team of mechanics who work around the clock to ensure that our vehicles are of the utmost quality. These vehicles can store up to six passengers, and have great amenities such as ice cold water, the daily periodicals so you can keep updated on the latest news, and some models even have Wi-Fi upon request! The Cadillac Escalade is a fantastic option for when you have a lot of luggage or passengers and are still looking to travel in style and elegance. Pair all of this with our uniformed and trained chauffeurs and you've got yourself a successful trip.

10 Passenger Stretch Limousine

The stretch limousine is a true indicator of style and sophistication as far as luxury transportation goes. It is a preferred option for many executives looking to impress their employees for an appreciation event, and it is also a great way to transport the whole guest list for bachelor or bachelorette parties, or for the bride and groom after the wedding ceremony. They feature some great amenities that are sure to impress anyone for just about any occasion. They can seat up to eight passengers, and have granite topped bar areas that can store any kind of drinks ice cold, as well as flat screen televisions and wrap around, plush, and comfortable seating. If you are transporting a corporate group th en you can also get Wi-Fi enabled in the vehicle upon request. These new, beautiful vehicles are extremely popular amongst professionals and people looking for a nice night out.

12 Passenger Sprinter

The 12 Passenger Limousine Style Mercedes sprinter is a luxury Mercedes van that is absolutely perfect for smaller sized groups that are looking for a fantastic and fun filled night out on the town. The interior is one hundred percent intended for a party atmosphere with exotic interior lights, comfortable wrap around seating, a possibility for a full service bar with granite topped counters, a Smart TV, and a Bluetooth compatible premium sound system with touch screen controls. Everything about this party luxury vehicle is state of the art and absolutely exciting. These are absolutely fantastic for celebrating major occasions, heading out for a night on the town with a group of friends, enjoying some luxury transportation for a sporting events, or a way to transport the group on prom night! These great vehicles can transport up to twelve passengers at a time.

14 Passenger Sprinter

If you need to transfer about the same amount of people as the previous vehicle but are looking for a more professional atmosphere to do the transporting for you, then the 14 Passenger Sprinter may be the perfect vehicle for you. It is frequently utilized for business trips, corporate events, airport shuttle service, and transportation for wedding bridal parties and so on. You can count on this bus to get you to where you need to go in a stylish manner and on time. This vehicle can transport up to fourteen passengers at a time so it is great for medium sized parties, or for a group that has a lot of luggage. It features a television set and a microphone, so it is good for guided tours as well. It also has outlets and USB ports in every row so passengers can easily power electronic devices, and the seats are comfortable with leather captain's chairs and retractable seat belts.

20 Passenger Infiniti QX56 SUV Limo

It has been said to be one of the most unique limousines on the streets of the windy city, and you can see why for good reason. The extremely stylish Infiniti QX56 SUV Limousine sitting on 22" chrome rims is not simply a classy exterior perfect for any event or occasion you are looking to book your reservation for, but also an extremely comfortable and roomy vehicle to enjoy being chauffeured around town in. It's comes fully loaded with all the modern amenities you expect out of a world class transportation service as you can see from the images above, you are sure to have a blast in this limousine.

20 Passenger Cadillac Escalade SUV Limo

The classic luxury SUV limousine, we offer this Cadillac Escalade with seating for up to a maximum of 20 guests including yourself. From the second you see us pull up you will be struck with by the perfectly detailed pearl white exterior and large stunning chrome rims. From the second you enter the vehicle you will again be struck by the incredible custom interior created by the best in the business not only are our leather wraparound seating gorgeous but also extremely plush and comfortable. From every seat you have great access to our bar tops with built in coolers and great sight lines to our LED television.

25 Passenger Hummer H2 SUV Limo

Our customers can't get enough of our killer Hummer H2 SUV limousines, which is why we have 3 to choose from in our fleet to fit your needs. This version can handle up to 25 guests in comfort as well in style inside and out. There is no shortage of entertainment with multiple screens including a 46" LED HDTV and an amazing sound system pushing out 8,500 Watts including to it's 4 massive subwoofers so you will definitely want to hook up your phone and play your favorite bangers to get this mobile party started. Not that you will need much help with our floor to ceiling full spectrum lighting package.

25 Passenger Hummer H2 Dual-Axle SUV Limo

Next up in our list of H2 Hummers we have this incredible dual-axle limousine which is perfect for any occasion, it's especially popular for proms and other school dances as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties. It's even equipped with a private VIP section in the back. As you can see from the images above the interior rivals the exterior in terms of which is more stunning, you know you are in for a great night as soon as you see the massive night club on wheels pull up to your pickup location to get the night started right. From the multi-screen entertainment system to the powerful sound system you and your guests are going to love this experience.

30 Passenger Hummer H2 Triple-Axle SUV Limo

Of course when it comes to the Hummers we have available in our fleet we have saved the biggest and best for last. This triple-axle H2 is built to handle up to a maximum of 30 passengers, features a set of gullwing doors to assist in getting in and out, includes a literal raised roof, we have given you a full extra foot of headroom. SUV limousines already have the advantage of extra headroom and ease of access compared to classic limousines, but with this model we have taken it to a whole new level, literally. With all the same top of the line amenities as our other models this one gives you even more room to party the night away.

30 Passenger Diamond Limo Bus

Groups that are still looking for a professional atmosphere but need a larger, more smartly-sized bus will almost certainly be pleased with the 30 passenger Mini Bus. It is an extremely popular option in the Chicago area, and is a more than welcome alternate option for carpooling, coordinating through public transportation, or hiring a fleet of cabs. Whether you only need to be picked up for a Point A to Point B situation, or if you need to rent the mini bus for the whole day, there are tons of great options when it comes to utilizing this excellent vehicle. It can store up to twenty four passengers and it features ice cold water and can contain alcohol as well upon request. It features flat screen televisions with microphones, Bluetooth compatible premium sound system, and plush leather seats that have retractable seat belts. This limo bus is one of our most popular options.

30 Passenger Enclave Limo Bus

The 30 Passenger Limo Bus is one of the most fun vehicles on the road. It is a fantastic party on wheels! It comes fully equipped with a Bluetooth compatible premium sound system, plush leather seats that are wrap around and remarkably comfortable, outlets for charging and powering of electronic devices, a granite covered bar area that is stocked at your request, and can store drink while keeping them cool, flat screen television sets that can play CDs and DVDs, as well as color changing LED lights that set an exotic mood. These buses can store up to thirty six passengers and have tons of room that are great for dancing and going buck wild! This is a great vehicle if you're trying to get to your destination in style and are looking to cruise the city with your friends and guests while bar hopping, going to a sporting event, and so on and so forth.

34 Passenger Vision Limo Bus

The perfect bus for concerts and festivals along with any other event you can think up this 34 passenger limo bus known as the "Vision" is a sight to behold. While jam packed with all of the modern amenities including a massive 60" LED HDTV along with two more 27" LED HDTV's and a 15,500 Watt stereo system, and a lighting package emanating from the floor all the way up to the ceiling plus a laser light show you may not even want to get off when you arrive at your destination. Especially if you arrive with your choice drink in hand sitting in your comfortable plush wraparound leather seat, and who could blame you.

34 Passenger Fashion Limo Bus

With it's stunning tribal look many customers consider this the best looking bus exterior not only in our fleet but that they have ever seen. This one is likewise set up with all the modern features you and your guests will love including 15,5000 Watt sound system, 60" LED HDTV and a pair of 27" LED HDTV's to make sure entertainment enjoyed in full from every seat in the bus. This bus is perfect for weddings, proms & homecoming dances along with concerts, music festivals, Chicago sporting events and so much more. There are also two VIP seating areas included on this bus for a little more privacy.

34 Passenger Miami Limo Bus

With plush tri-tone leather wraparound seats and a smooth suspension you are going to love the comfort you experience in your time on our Miami edition party bus and so will up to 33 of your friends and family. Our beautiful customer interior comes complete with all the modern features you want and deserve in a late model luxury vehicle, as mentioned for previous larger buses this one comes complete with 3 LED TV's a 60" along with two 27" screens and a top of the line powerful sound system. Combine that with the light and laser show and you'll be partying hard in no time, probably shortly after you grab a drink from the built in coolers.

36 Passenger Krystal Limo Bus

The first of our largest fleet vehicles is this beautiful Krystal Edition bus which can sit 36 people with two VIP sections, two dance poles, a main 65" LED TV as well as two auxiliary 27" LED TV's for full coverage no matter where you are sitting, and no matter where that is you will be close to one of our custom made bar areas complete with coolers to keep your favorite beverages cold all trip long. This bus is perfect for even your biggest groups so load up for your next concert, music festival, or sporting event and enjoy the VIP lifestyle on your three tone ostrich, carbon fiber and leather seating.

36 Passenger Tiffany Limo Bus

Perhaps you are looking to transport an absolutely enormous group of people, and even the next largest bus makes your group feel cramped and uncomfortable. Well, even the most amply sized groups have no problem feeling comfortable in this spacious vehicle. Each guest has access to their very own seat, their own ice cold bottle of water, and even Wi-Fi access when it has been requested. This is an extremely popular option for large groups who are seeking an executive car service that helps entire offices and teams travel together in style and class. It also eradicates the need for you to rent a full bus or take multiple vehicles, which can be really convoluted and stressful. This way you can get everyone where you need to get them, and do it in style. On top of all of that you get access to some seriously world class, professional, and seasoned drivers.

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