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We here at Chicago Car Service strongly believe in, and pride ourselves in our ability to form meaningful bonds and relationships with our customer base. This effort and philosophy has established a level of trust with our customers that can not be replicated by a company that does not have this kind of passion and motivation towards pleasing their customer base. You will be able to tell from the very first time you are patched through a phone call with us that we are something special, and that the service that you utilize will be truly remarkable.

We are very happy to be able to provide the Greater Chicago area with our remarkable fleet of top of the line vehicles. Each vehicle in our fleet is of the utmost quality and has its own unique and expansive list of amenities. Our limousines and limo buses in particular come with concert quality speakers, flat screen television sets, hardwood floors and ample space that is great for dancing, and bar areas that are granite topped and have room for storing and keeping whatever drinks you may have frosty cold.

We believe the you should leave transportation to the real professionals, and we here at Chicago Car Service believe that we are the ultimate in transportation. You can be sure that when you utilize our service that you will be getting the best in transportation service out of just about anywhere in the entire nation. Our track record truly speaks for itself. If you request a testimonial from just about anyone who has utilized our service you will find that not only are a great majority of our customers overwhelmingly satisfied with the service that they received, but they would and usually do utilize us over and over again and for all of their luxury transportation needs. Find out for yourself what makes us so spectacular!

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